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                 Talent Strategy


Once you have identified the top candidate(s) that you want to bring into your organization, GrowthFuel can assist you with the rest.



Is it true, you are not looking to hire "B or C" candidates for your new open position?


To be successful in your new hire selection and successfully identify "A players", you must know what you are looking for in a top candidate, not just the skills. There are many obstacles to overcome in selecting the RIGHT-FIT candidate--that do not need to be in your way. GrowthFuel can assist you.




Enhance Your Interviewing Technique

Avoid costly hiring mistakes. LEARN behavioral interviewing methods and become a stronger and more confident in your selection process. WE can help you structure your interview process to effectively evaluate candidates and implement a more productive and repeatable experience-- for both the candidate and you.



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To Panel Interviewing Technique

Understand how a specific interviewing method with a specific approach will require your candidate to prove and demonstrate  his/her competence, skill capability, and applicable past experience (past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior). Walk away with deeper and objective understanding of a candidate's strengths, weaknesses, and cultural fit. 



Leading Edge & Ability To Minimize Your Selection Risk: Personality Inventory                           

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS)  


The demand for behavioral and personality testing is growing in all industries. It is required to be competitive and to find the best fit qualified people. The research is clear; TAIS  Assessment is a valid predictor of job fit and indicator of job performance.


The more informational data points collected on an individual, the higher probability of your success in making the right selection decision. Making TAIS part of your selection process based on talent trends makes sense, since the failure rate of senior leaders in organizations in corporate America is higher than 50% (Devries 1992). 


We know that one major reason an individual does not succeed is significantly correlated the individual's decision making tendencies and skills. Also, failure rate is stongly linked to interpersonal skill competency and inability to effectively resolve conflict and confront issues. TAIS can identify upfront where an individual candidate is on these scales and tell you if he/she can hit the ground running or will need some development time. ADDITIONALLY, it will identify how the candidate performs under pressure.



GrowthFuel partners with the client to give you the data needed to help make the best -well rounded decision!




               Succession Planning


Are you prepared for the next major vacancy in your leadership ranks?


Have you ever had a key person on your key team die unexpected or not return due to serious illness?


Have you priortized your most critical positions that would significantly impact your organization, if that person left the organization tomorrow?


What intellectual capital is crucial to retain for your  organization's sustainability?  Have you exposed others to it?

"If The Only Tool In Your Tool Box Is A Hammer, Then You Tend To Treat Everything Like A Nail"  Abraham Maslow

Are you developing your next level of leaders to grow into these key postions--even if you are a flat organization?


Do you have a succession plan? 




Let's evaluate where you are AND what are your needs?

Lets evaluate and map your important talent gaps?

Lets get others involved in the conversation and collect data?

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