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The Back Story & The Firm's WHY


Samantha Tassone

President, GrowthFuel


Samantha Tassone is President of GrowthFuel, a boutique professional services firm, focused on gender intelligence, how to perform under pressure, and advancing women’s leadership.


For more than 20 years, Samantha has worked with public, private, and non-profit organizations and individuals to accelerate their performance. She is experienced in influencing the C-suite and has expertise in driving business strategy with exceptional results. She is a strategist, facilitator, speaker, and performance coach.  


Her passion is to grow her client’s personal leadership impact and value, enabling them to perform under pressure, at higher levels. 


She launched GrowthFuel to focus on working with women leaders, who stand in their power position, and providing them structure to overcome personal leadership blind spots.  As a Performance Coach, her clients understand and learn the structure to stay empowered and not compromise self-confidence.  We all have performance blind spots and relationship roadblocks, which prevent us from performing and additionally can hold us back from personal success.


In her work, she discovered that 21st century leadership is on a very different path. In order to get clarity on your identity as a leader, you must value the male/female gender leadership styles differences. Samantha helps clients create understanding and awareness around Gender Intelligence.


GrowthFuel’s clients find her partnering style and knowledgeable approach to be a powerful pathway to learning and positive change.  This valued holistic approach drives growth by aligning people and process with strategy.  Samantha makes a difference in her clients by unlocking their potential and power for self-reflection and self-leadership; therefore, increasing their leadership capacity.  Also, she is effective in building high performing teams, closing the performance gaps, and enabling teams to perform at higher levels.


Samantha has been recognized as a strategic human capital leader. As such she recently held a national position, as past VP of Talent Management and prior to that she was the VP of HR for one of the largest regions in the US, for Toshiba’s Copy Division. Prior to Toshiba, she was a business owner, where she consulted with middle market and start up business leaders on leadership and organizational development needs for 8 plus years. Her past corporate experience included HR leadership for Network Associates, Inc. (now McAfee), KPMG in Washington, DC. where she was a  key HR leader  for  three  business  units  (tax,  assurance,  and  consulting) and The  National Capital Bank of Washington on Capital Hill as HR executive driving growth and culture change.

A graduate of American University in Washington, DC in Executive Human Resource Management and has her B.S. in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, N.Y.


The Firm's WHY....


As I took time to reflect back on key areas of my consulting career, corporate life, and my accomplishments -- I began to realize those things I most valued (above all the strategy and  design work) was helping the individual sitting in front of me to get clarity on his/her idenity as a leader !! Helping him/her achieve greater self-awareness and working on a roadmap to move forward. 


My true north is when an individual blossoms beyond what he/she believed possible; as a result, their  self-confidence and performance significantly increase to a level that others take notice.


I believe helping leaders and / or emerging leaders maximize their true potential -- is the best way to contribute and share my gifts. 


There is a true ROI for those that do self-work and it allows for promotions, personal achievements, higher self-confidence, higher pay, increased team member engagement, and client satisfaction.



As a leadership-performance coach, my job is to help you evolve and/or grow your personal leadership value. Understanding what got you here—is no guarantee it will get you there.

                                    Samantha Tassone, President of GrowthFuel

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