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Gender Intelligence

GrowthFuel Can Get You There

As you increase your self-awareness creating a stronger self-identity, you must add tools to your "toolbox” for behavior control and interpersonal style control. It is only then that you will have the capability to advance your leadership.

How do we create clarity on your identity as a leader?

Here is How

How do you expand self-awareness & gain understanding on what impacts your performance as a leader?

Here is How

How do you accelerate your leadership journey and move closer to being consistent, effective, and the stronger leader you want to be in challenging or stressful situations?

Here is How

What is the evolution of 21st century modern leadership? Why do I care?

Here is Why
All Leadership research examines leadership skills, traits, characteristics, and competencies from a variety of intersections, including  the connection between individual traits and effective competency benchmarks that drive successful performance outcomes.
Today, what we know is that all leadership research findings point in the same direction for those critical skills, characteristics, and competencies. All the various best practice leadership competency lists boil down to the same core elements.  The research findings just tag them by different names and regrouped the findings in different ways.  This is key knowledge to understand.  Equally important, we learned that there is  no single characteristic, trait, skill, or competency can be the critical differentiator between leaders and non-leaders.
"Further research indicates that leadership is determined not so much by the characteristics of individuals, as by the requirements of the social situation."  Hencley, S.P. (1973)

" For Most Leaders, Many are Already Successful in Their Own Minds, but Want to Be More Successful and Are Willing to do Self-Identity Work "

" Everyone reacts to pressure differently.  Understand, predict, and control your performance under pressure. Self-awareness speeds up development and what it takes to be successful! "

" You have the ability to control performance stress, it does not need to control you! "

  • Achieve more with the sum total of individuals.

  • Self- regulate with peer to peer accountability.

  • Inspire greatness in each other.


​Understand, Predict, Shift, and Self-Regulate Behavior.

  • Select best fit candidates.

  • Align - people, process, and strategy.

  • Put the right people in the right positions.

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