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Gender Intelligence

GrowthFuel Can Get You There...

How do you gain clarity

on your identity as a leader?

How do you expand self- awareness & gain understanding on what impacts your performance as a leader?

How do you advance your leadership journey enabling you to be consistent, effective, and the stronger leader you want to challenging or stressful situations?

 21st century leadership evolution.

What is it ? 

Why should I care?

Welcome To GrowthFuel

GrowthFuel, a boutique professional services firm, focused on gender intelligence, (how to) perform under pressure, and advancing women’s leadershipSamantha is a strategist, facilitator, speaker, and performance coach.

We believe in thinking differently when it comes to   performing under pressure and leadership. If the situational outcome is important to you, then it is a performance situation AND it requires you to control your focus channel, performance stress, and if applicable any relationship roadblocks.

For Most Leaders, Many Are Already Successful in Their Own Minds, but Want to Be More Successful and Are Willing to do Self-Identity Work...

You have the ability to control performance stress, it does not need to control you!

      "Samantha Tassone, you are a         rockstar & an inspiration.   
Thank you for being open
minded & compassionate.
Great leadership skills!!"
Founder & CEO
Closed Monday Productions LLC
Chair - Women of EO
Leadership Summit
​At GrowthFuel, we are passionate about working with
leaders, who stand in their power position.  As successful leaders, you are well prepared, but there is much room for continued growth as learning never stops!  With GrowthFuel, learn and create awareness for:
  • Gender Intelligence ® which is about appreciating the naturally occurring differences between and women beyond the biological obvious differences and beyond the socio-cultural ingrained differences, to include the newly discovered neuro-science and behavioral tendencies.
  • What is the neuro-science behind conversations and performance blind spots?  This level of awareness is not about tolerating gender differences or being a less authentic person, instead we have clear and distinct  choices to make advancing our communication to a more impactful level.
  • Performance blind spots for high-impact women leaders which occur in many dimensions and prevent us from personal success. Work with us to understand those opportunities to improve how you show up including: confidence set-backs, relationship roadblocks, emotional and communication grid-lock, strengths and weaknesses.
  • What is Performance Coaching? Clients will learn and understand the structure to stay empowered while having the necessary impact.  We customize your performance structure to overcome your personal leadership blind spots enabling to have greater agility and influence.


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