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 #1  Challenge for Executives Today is Hiring

& Concerns Around Making a Bad Hire!

TAIS (The Attentional & Interpersonal Style Inventory)


This highly proven psychometric instrument will measure and predict how an individual will be able to perform in a performance driven environment and /or situation. Consider this  “a window” into a candidate’s traits and other aspects that are often difficult to evaluate through other means. This assessment is one critical component in the overall selection methodology for an organization; it allows you to make more informed hiring decisions. Together all of the client’s selection components contribute to the final selection decision.


Do not waste the time and money hiring and training someone who will not work out or someone who leaves your organization. Instead, understand “candidate fit” to your organization and performance situations/requirements.

Why Utilize TAIS Assessment:


Provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the applicant and his/her proposed ability to perform and fit the organization


Helps to predict performance before you hire the candidate


TAIS assists in gathering objective comprehensive information about the candidate, which goes deeper that any resume, your initial candidate meetings, and any candidate references


Guides your follow up interview questions, enabling the interviewer to probe three layers deep with targeted questions in key area of concern or incomplete information.


Reduces hiring risks


Hire stronger fit people. Chose a candidate that will drive results Vs. having to manage them out


Ease of use, on-line, confidential, provides a quick efficient turnaround time


Post hire- leverage findings to implement a personalized development plan


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