GrowthFuel is a conversational coaching, leadership development and professional services firm. We work with leaders, teams and organizations to upgrade decision making and gain mastery in navigating conversations while actively moving others to committed results and buy-in.


Guiding leaders through breakthrough thinking in how they dialogue

We get you to the
next level of greatness.

GrowthFuel is a brain-based coaching and consulting firm that focuses on leadership and organizational development through science-backed solutions for how to dialogue in professional and social spaces. With scalable and repeatable tools, we help leaders and teams upgrade their decision-making and gain mastery in navigating conversations that move others to results and buy-in. 

Conversational Coaching & Consulting

Through our work together, leaders and teams improve vital behaviors and develop the skills to: 

We're leveraging the
next level of intelligence.

our mission

We shift leaders to discover a new level of competency in the conversational space through brain-based tools that inspire quality social interactions, elevated decision-making, and shared outcomes.

our vision

A future where individuals, teams, and their organizational culture embrace conversational intelligence to create humanizing conditions that allow everyone to flourish.

your performance + communication coach


founder, president, strategist, facilitator, speaker

With more than 25 years of corporate business and talent development experience, Samantha coaches individuals and organizations to change their outdated behavioral patterns that are no longer serving them. She works with clients to teach brain-based communication strategies that lead to breakthrough thinking, trusting relationships, and improved performance under pressure.

As I took time to reflect back on key areas of my consulting career, corporate life, and my accomplishments, I began to realize the thing I most valued—beyond all the strategy and design work—was helping the individual sitting in front of me get clarity on their identity as a leader. Helping them achieve greater self-awareness and create a roadmap to move forward.

Looking to Level Up?

Through customized coaching engagements that pair tools with strategies to solve pain points, GrowthFuel clients have elevated their leaderships skills to achieve real behavior change recognized by others.