Don’t let your team’s dynamic get lost in the day-to-day.

Team performance is one of the most critical drivers to the success or failure of any enterprise. However, building and maintaining high performing teams can sometimes take a backseat to the daily demands and mechanics of running a business—especially when you’re operating in a resource-constrained or high-growth environment. 

At GrowthFuel, we help team members and leaders create the conditions necessary for team competence—functioning beyond the sum of their parts. 


Our Approach

Our work together begins with understanding your team members' systems, communication processes, chemistry, and how they coexist. Then, by gauging the effectiveness of the group, we begin to map new behaviors, methodologies, and tools to your learning targets. Experiential learning takes place in real-time or in lab-designed applications where teams explore their new interaction dynamics and elevate their confidence.

GrowthFuel stays engaged in your team’s learning journey as a partner to fortify your team’s performance as business goals and neuroleadership continue to evolve.

The Team Journey

Building Your Program Experience

Through customized programming, GrowthFuel coaching helps teams shift conversations in their organizations away from conversational collisions and power positioning towards curiosity and productivity.

There are 6 core modules that can be customized to the client needs and timing. Support materials are provided to guide learning applications and assessment tools evaluate behavior shifts pre- and post-transformation. 


Team Structure

Team leaders learn how to get their team composition right, motivate employees, ensure the right people are in the right roles, and obtain alignment in role responsibilities.

Team Dynamics for Performance Under Pressure

Teams members evaluate their hardwired traits and tendencies under pressure and learn ways to strengthen their internal practices to manage responsiveness and effectively interact, innovate, align, and co-create.

Creating A Purpose-Driven Team

Leaders focus on developing a team vision grounded in performance goals and accountability which align with the organization’s priorities. 

Better Conversations & Coaching

Team leaders build the confidence and competence needed to lead intentional coaching conversations, diffuse conversational collisions, create energy, nurture, and remove barriers for team members to be successful.

Conscious Inclusion with Psychological Safety

Team members learn to move with intention beyond bias, judgement, and assumptions to a place where everyone is making conscious decisions to build the psychological safety that opens the door to brave and courageous conversations.

Build Trust through Communication

Teams who embrace universal conversational competence—where trust is formed—have the capacity to build relationship currency, effectively manage power dynamics, and become high-functioning teams.

Listening to Understand

The importance of learning to listen is misunderstood and underappreciated. Lack of full presence creates misalignments and disconnection. Learn how to effectively listen to your team to expand awareness and establish alignment in expectations.

Innovation & Decision-Making

Team members are guided through a framework to understand their own and others' approaches to problem-solving. This profile tool allows teams to build skills through process and understand how to increase creativity and innovation in a supportive environment.

The Team Transformation


Teams experiencing tension, disconnection, or stuck at "good" with the potential for "great"


Teams that value team member contributions and cultivate conditions where everyone can flourish

Great teams don't happen by accident

It’s a deliberate exercise to unite your team under a common purpose and common language. To become more respectful, collaborative, efficient, and innovative—together.