Measuring Behavior Shifts for Targeted Results

Leaders don’t transmit information and empower others by yelling, telling, or hard selling. Instead, we elevate others’ potential by developing emotional connections that allow us to influence for shared outcomes. We can miss opportunities to better engage and develop our workforce by not efficiently providing feedback critical to employee performance or creating the conditions where the receiver can take the feedback, reflect on it, and learn from it. 
Stakeholders dedicated to revealing strengths and weaknesses of team members and having measurement tools to capture feedback are critical to helping leaders at all levels recognize patterns; extend, build, and repair trust; and advance the capabilities of their team.  

Dynamic Engagements

Does your team have a strategy for leveraging stakeholder feedback to measure behavior shifts, track developmental progress, and reaffirm growth?
Dynamic engagements with GrowthFuel give your team access to industry-leading performance technology and lay the ground work for transformational integration of data and stakeholder feedback that convert to ROI.

Our Approaches

GrowthFuel’s coaching and consulting capabilities offer organizations, teams, and leaders more than 25 years of experience in organizational development and adult-learning knowledge. Our feedback, assessments, and data tools add a level of change accountability that can meet you or your team with the flexible support it needs.

Data-Driven Coaching for Organizations, Teams & Culture Shifts

We guide organizations and their culture through the change journey with brain-based tools, assessments, and diagnosis of their current state in order to map to their future state with demonstrated ROI results.

Data-Driven Coaching for Leaders & High-Potentials

Explore the power of feedback and data with tools that graph measurable leadership change over 3-12 month engagements or retainer-based approaches.

Your reality and my reality are not the same.

At GrowthFuel, we use various self-reporting assessments and stakeholder feedback tools based on your individual, team, or organization’s goals. Trusted by the world’s leading organizations, these feedback and data tools will enhance your brain-based coaching experience and quantify its ROI by documenting and measuring behavior patterns and changes. 

TAIS Inventory Self-Assessment

The Attentional Interpersonal Style assessment uses superior behavior analysis to track and predict responses to stress by measuring critical performance variables and identifying environmental and psychological conditions that increase emotional arousal.

C-IQ Catalyst Tool: Individual Self-Assessment

Individuals will be able to quickly identify their dominant style, identify behavioral patterns that open up or close down conversations, and gauge their level of conversational intelligence with others through self-reporting.

360° C-IQ Catalyst Tool

Individuals will select stakeholders to assess their level of conversational intelligence and explore behavioral patterns that can open or close down trust and engagement to understand their performance and impact on others at work.

Team C-IQ Catalyst Tool

Provides a profile of a team’s level of C-IQ awareness and conversational competence at work. Teams who implement this feedback process gain insights quickly, understand dialogue patterns, and easily build healthy and partnering relationships.

Trust Inventory

The C-IQ Trust Inventory can be used to assess trust on the individual, team, or organizational level across five vital dimensions that define trust. It provides a real-time understanding of the dynamics and behaviors that are driving or eroding trust.

Pulse Surveys

The Coachee and their manager identify stakeholders whose work is co-dependent on each other’s success to provide feedback and feedforward to the coachee every 40 days throughout the defined measurement cycle based on goals set to guide the behavior shift.

Leadership Circle Profile

A 360 product that measures inner and outer attributes of the leader. It accelerates the development of leaders focused on long-term effectiveness by providing feedback on the leader’s creative competencies and reactive tendencies.

Basadur Profile & Tools

Proves teams and organizations can attain sustainable competitive edge by institutionalizing creativity and innovation as an organization-wide process. These tools enable leaders to bring members together with different thinking styles for problem solving and affect change with buy-in.

Feedback Loops

Drive stronger performance on your mission-critical priorities with feedback loops that calibrate leadership behaviors by dialing into the insights of those most impacted by your presence and performance.