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We apply the most effective and impactful solutions. See what our clients have to say about the actionable value they have gained by working with GrowthFuel – and how it has benefitted their bottom line.


See what our clients have to say about the actionable value they have gained from their experiences working with GrowthFuel—and how it has benefited their bottom line.

Client Stories

Leadership & Executive Development

with Kim Allen, CEO and Jess Savage, President  |  Dixon Schwabl + Company

“Working with GrowthFuel and Samantha Tassone was a gamer changer for my career.”

The Pain

Both Kim and Jess were on the precipice of assuming top roles at the agency when they recognized the opportunity to strengthen their self-awareness and leadership agility throughout the transition. Kim engaged GrowthFuel to refine her skill sets and expand her toolbelt of strategies. Inspired by the manifestation of her growth, Jess sought out her own coaching experience and transformation.

The Gain

Learning the brain science—with the help of the TAIS Inventory and stakeholder feedback surveys—of how people show up and act unlocked a new approach to communication and leadership for Kim. Simultaneously, Jess was identifying themes and triggers related to her own leadership behaviors and experimenting with tools that help her make conscious adjustments in the moment.

The Result

As these two leaders transitioned to positions at the helm, they did so with increased clarity and compassion in the conversational space. They learned to create psychological safety and space for deep listening, which brings out the best thinking in themselves and among their team. Their work also set an example for the pursuit of self-improvement, and how it can inspire a culture of learning and coaching. GrowthFuel's work with high-performing employees of Dixon Schwabl + Company continues to this day.

"If we can take these learnings, and we can emerge and transition into these leadership roles with a sense of confidence and courage, then we can use what we're learning to build up the leaders all around us in this company."

Organizational Health & Team Performance

with Melissa James-Geska, President | US Ceiling Corp

“It was a great time in training and it profoundly impacted our organization holistically.”

The Pain

Even established corporations experience growing pains and the discomfort of doing something new. US Ceiling Corp engaged GrowthFuel for strategic planning and team performance coaching as the company transitioned to new ownership. The transition required staff to fulfill new tasks and adapt to processes never done before.

The Gain

With Samantha's guidance across multiple levels of leadership and team dynamics, a critical awareness of the needs of individuals and of the collective team was created. By implementing assessment tools, the feedback and data could be leveraged in strategic planning and staff trainings facilitated by GrowthFuel.

The Result

It may be a funny scenario to picture, but a burly foreman standing under an umbrella is the perfect metaphor for the impact that GrowthFuel's consulting and coaching left on US Ceiling Corp. Feedback tools and team trainings created a safe space for team members to share, listen, and learn. They developed trust and empathy under the umbrella of the company in order to move forward in the face of change.

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